Retreats & Workshops

*You can anticipate a small class size, personal attention & dedicated teacher who has been practicing with discipline for over 15 years. You can expect a classical or traditional hatha yoga approach, including a focus on eliminating pain and maintaining the joints of the body, core work, back strength/flexibility, opening the shoulders & hips, as well as strengthening the hands & feet. Text me @250-858-3854 to register or drop-in. I look forward to seeing you in class 🙂

YOGA CAMP SALT SPRING ISLAND RETREAT: Enjoy 3 Days of Yoga Practice over June 21-23rd in Spring 2019:

Take a weekend in June 2019 to recharge and practice self-care. My spring retreat will include 2 hours of yoga per day and your first meal for the retreat will be homemade by yours truly. There will be amazing opportunities to hike, swim, (if you don’t mind the brisk water of June), explore local farms, art galleries, cafes, restaurants, visit farm stands, various tastings (wine, cider, beer…) and of course, the famous Saturday Market.

Yoga Schedule:

Friday 6-8pm,

Saturday 8-10am &

Sunday 8-10am

The following options for accommodation will be available: tent or trailer camping at Ruckle Park (they have over 60 first come first serve sites and several RV sites that are still available for reservation if you prefer and that’s where I will staying be for the weekend – FYI we have one extra tent for lending out to whomever asks first), or if camping is not your thing, please take some time to explore the numerous options around the island for accommodation, selecting a B&B, house, resort, or cabin of your choice (if you need suggestions please let me know).

Early Bird Fee (before March 1st): for 6 hours of yoga over the weekend and 1 homemade vegetarian meal (not including accommodation) = $100

Regular Fee (after March 1st): for 6 hours of yoga over the weekend and 1 homemade vegetarian meal (not including accommodation) = $120

For more information and any questions regarding my spring retreat please feel free to contact me directly via phone/text, or email. A non-refundable deposit of $60 is required to hold your space in the retreat, and the remainder must be paid 30 days prior to the retreat.


Butter Yoga for Stress & Anxiety Workshop on
September 28, 2019 from 9am-12pm: 

You can expect to practice postures (asanas) that I personally use to alleviate the symptoms of anxiety and stress in general. I will teach you postures that utilize support of bolsters, as well as classical asanas modified to suit each individual student. You can choose to rest more or move more as needed, based on how you feel on the day of the workshop. I will provide therapeutic posture variations for those recovering for injury, as well as more challenging variations as needed. We will also explore the benefits of pranayama or basic breathing exercises in the context of controlling the nervous system and its responses to stressful stimuli. You will also learn how to practice traditional meditation. There will be time for questions before and during class. If practiced consistently, in my experience, what you learn in this workshop has the potential to strengthen the mind and reduce your experience of anxiety, while increasing your ability to cope with stress in general. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you want more information.

Workshop Fee: $40, Studio Location 202 – 1600 Bay Street

Yoga Therapy for Elimination of Hip/Back Pain on September 28th, 2019 from 1:30-4:30pm:

You can expect a semi-private class environment, with individual feedback and variations offered based on personal needs. We will practice a variety of traditional and therapeutic posture variations designed to alleviate pain/discomfort in the body, primarily pain experienced in the mid/low back, and hips. You will learn how to create a more symmetrical balance between strength and flexibility in your muscles and joints. I will teach you how to safely twist and stretch the spine & hips in order to eradicate pain in the mid back and lower back. Over the last 15 years, I have learned how to eliminate pain in my body through a dedicated Yoga practice. I once suffered from debilitating pain in my lower back, S.I. joints, knees, neck, shoulders and elbows. During this workshop I will share all the tips I have accumulated over the years in terms of pain reduction and eradication.

Workshop Fee: $40, Studio Location 202 – 1600 Bay Street