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*You can anticipate a dedicated teacher. I will only teach you what I have personally studied, practiced and found to be worth sharing. You can expect a Classical Raja Yoga or Traditional Hatha Yoga teaching style, with strong emphasis on Yoga Therapy, including a focus on maintaining the joints of the body, spinal strength/core work, spinal flexibility, opening the shoulders & hips, as well as strengthening the hands & feet. I am experienced with chronic pain, neuropathy, arthritis, correcting poor digestion, alleviating pain due to hyper flexibility, particularly if you are experiencing pain due to excessive/hyper-mobility in the joints/ligaments/tendons. I also have significant personal experience with utilizing my Yoga practice as a method to successful combat anxiety and symptoms of depression, including eliminating/reducing the experience panic of attacks. Text me @250-858-3854 to register or drop-in. Love to see you in class ūüôā

GROUP YOGA CLASSES (Pre-registered, Private & Drop-in):

Monday Mornings (popular class, please register early to avoid disappointment): Classical Hatha Yoga Class from 10-11am located at Pearkes Recreation Centre, please register through Saanich Recreation either online or over the phone.

Monday Afternoons: Classical Hatha Yoga class including therapeutic adjustments for injuries, regular core work and balancing postures located at Core Personal Fitness on Kings Rd, 12pm-1:15pm, register through Core Personal Fitness. *If you want a small class size this is the one for you Рwe only take a maximum of 8 students per class, usually you end up getting the extra benefit of a semi-private.* 

Monday Afternoons: Classical Hatha Yoga yoga class at Colquitz Middle School in the music room, 3:30-4:30pm, pre-register or drop in for teachers, staff members AND general public (January-June & September-December, drop-in fee $10).

Monday Evenings: Classical Hatha Yoga Class from 6-7:30pm, smaller class size provides opportunity for questions Рbeginner friendly, monthly registration required. Location is the Cook Street Village Activity Centre $15/class when you register by the month (3 or 4 classes), drop-in for $18/per class, to register please contact the Cook Street Village Activity Centre in person or over the phone.

Tuesday Mornings: Chair Yoga Classes at Community Living Victoria, Yoga designed for adults with limited mobility and developmental disabilities, every week from 9:15-10am.

Tuesday Mornings: Chair Yoga at Glenwarren Lodge, Yoga designed for senior adults with limited mobility and dementia from 10:30-11am.

Tuesday Late Afternoon (popular class, please register early to avoid disappointment) : Classical Hatha Yoga Class from 4:30-6pm, located at Pearkes Recreation Centre, please register through Saanich Recreation either online or over the phone.

Thursday Mornings: Chair Yoga at Sandringham Lodge, Yoga designed for senior adults with limited mobility, psychiatric challenges and varying forms of dementia 10:30-11:15am.

Thursday Evenings (popular classes, please register early to avoid disappointment) : Classical Hatha Yoga Class at Pearkes Recreation Centre, 6:30-7:30pm AND 7:40-8:40pm, please pre-register through Saanich Recreation (busy class, register early if interested).

Private Sessions:  Looking to establish a home yoga practice (either traditional floor or Chair Yoga) for the first time? Want to deepen your current asana practice? I can select a sequence of postures that are relevant to your needs, either healing an ongoing injury, resolving old scar tissue, coping with anxiety symptoms and learning more details of a particular posture. Or maybe you want to have yoga at your workplace during lunch break? Available for $60 per hour in my home studio (up to 2 students, add $10 per additional student if more than 2 students) or workplace ($10/student/class, $60/hr minimum).

Semi-Privates: I have a few students who want to take weekly or bi-monthly privates with me but cannot afford my $60/hour rate on their own. I charge $60 an hour for up to 2 students or $75 for 3 students. If you are interested in joining a semi-private class group, please let me know! 

Looking forward to supporting you in evolving your Yoga practice!

One thought on “Yoga Class Schedule

  1. Hi Lara,
    Nice website, and great article on Yoga.
    Your mom has done some sewing for me, and she mentioned that you teach yoga classes on Sunday evening. I’d like to attend as a drop-in this coming Sunday, June 9th, if I can. What arrangements do I need to make?
    I can also drive your mom, if she wants, as we live in the same building.

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