Lone Tree Hill Practice

~ Wide open sky, clean air & beautiful arbutus trees – what a lovely afternoon 🙂
Daisy, Steve & I went on an awesome hike up Lone Tree Hill over the weekend.
Wow, what a beautiful view to be rewarded with after exploring the trails up to the peak!!!
I love an outdoor yoga practice too 😉 ~


~ teaching Daisy how to stay still for photos is a great way to build patience, and happily she seems to be growing by leaps & bounds every day, such a smart girl 🙂
It helps that she loves yoga too! ~


~it is so much FUN to have a puppy (well I guess she is a full grown doggy now) to play with & take on adventures!! And my girl always knows when it’s ‘yoga time’ 😛 ~


~balancing on the top of a hill, mountain, log, whatever you can do to challenge yourself – all are fantastic ways to find more stability in balancing poses. Facing your fear of falling in a yoga asana also makes it SO much easier to be brave in every aspect of life!!! ~

Winter Sky + Malasana = Awesome Practice ;)


I had a lovely little malasana practice on a chilly winter day recently. All variations on the traditional squat are some of my favourite ways to release the back & hips, such a lovely way to find balance AND the beautiful mountains/sky as a backdrop makes an outdoor winter practice all the more worthwhile!!!