Lone Tree Hill Practice

~ Wide open sky, clean air & beautiful arbutus trees – what a lovely afternoon 🙂
Daisy, Steve & I went on an awesome hike up Lone Tree Hill over the weekend.
Wow, what a beautiful view to be rewarded with after exploring the trails up to the peak!!!
I love an outdoor yoga practice too 😉 ~


~ teaching Daisy how to stay still for photos is a great way to build patience, and happily she seems to be growing by leaps & bounds every day, such a smart girl 🙂
It helps that she loves yoga too! ~


~it is so much FUN to have a puppy (well I guess she is a full grown doggy now) to play with & take on adventures!! And my girl always knows when it’s ‘yoga time’ 😛 ~


~balancing on the top of a hill, mountain, log, whatever you can do to challenge yourself – all are fantastic ways to find more stability in balancing poses. Facing your fear of falling in a yoga asana also makes it SO much easier to be brave in every aspect of life!!! ~

Winter Sky + Malasana = Awesome Practice ;)


I had a lovely little malasana practice on a chilly winter day recently. All variations on the traditional squat are some of my favourite ways to release the back & hips, such a lovely way to find balance AND the beautiful mountains/sky as a backdrop makes an outdoor winter practice all the more worthwhile!!!

Yoga play day at Jordan River

My hubby and I took a fabulous trip out to Jordan River the other week and it was so much fun to explore the woods on the way to Sandcut Beach, the beach itself and a beautiful waterfall. Throw in a little yoga asana practice here and there, next thing you know it’s a yogatastic day 😉 Steve was kind enough to take a few photos of my practice out by the water, river and sand…including lots of sweet pics of the scenery itself!!!




…what a lovely waterfall, the sound of the water crashing on the shore combined with the waterfall was perfect background for a practice 🙂


…wow, balancing in the water is tricky! without a still point to focus my eyes on, crow was a serious challenge, nothing better to still the mind!!!


…haha and I thought crow was a tricky pose when looking into the water, this variation of ardha chandrasana was harder, but felt good once I got it 🙂 yoga is always the best medicine when you aren’t feeling super balanced –  it certainly has a knack for helping me feel better..



…that same weekend we could not help but travel out to the same beach area for another day of fun in the sun, complete with yoga and playing in the water 😉



Steve told me it was worthwhile to stay still for a photo here, that water was chilly 😉 haha you tell me was the pigeon photo worth it 😀


Loved playing with balance that day & it was super cool to be working my balance on top of that waterfall in the pictures from the day before ~ it was so neat!!!


I’ve always loved those spots where rivers meet the ocean, Jordan River is no exception 🙂




…and the perfect place for savasana of course!!! Love it 🙂

Beautiful Sunday Hike in the Gowlland Tod Provincial Park

Practicing a little asana by the water, at the end of the first half of an amazing Sunday hike just outside of Victoria, BC, in the Gowlland Tod Provincial Park!! Nothing anchors the mind to the breath like practicing near a gorgeous body of water 🙂 Huge thank you to Steve Leclerc for capturing all the best moments of my outdoor practice!!!

Photography by Steve Leclerc
Photography by Steve Leclerc
Photography by Steve Leclerc
Photography by Steve Leclerc
Photography by Steve Leclerc
Photography by Steve Leclerc