“I started yoga classes with Lara 2.5 years ago. At the time I had severe pain in my SI joint that required me to limit many of the activities I enjoyed i.e. hiking, weights, aqua size classes. I am happy to say that I am now pain free 98% of the time and able to do the activities I love with more strength and flexibility. Even every day movements like squatting, bending and twisting are easy to do. I appreciate Lara’s realistic approach to yoga practice. She encourages each person to do the postures to the extent that fit her/his individual body, provides adaptations for people as needed and stresses listen to your body, yoga practice won’t be the same every day. She stresses be patient with yourself and don’t force, use equal effort and ease. This is helpful to me as I tend to be impatient and overdo it. I like that Lara observes and offers constructive feedback to each participant. That allows me to trust that I won’t be hurting myself and will get most benefit. It is also helpful that she provides information on how various poses can benefit the body. Lara is very knowledgeable about all aspects of yoga including research on yoga’s benefits for health. She makes videos for an overall practice as well as ones that focus on particular areas of the body, available on you tube. I have found these very helpful. Lara is a warm friendly person, professional and conscientious. I am so grateful I found my way to her classes.” – Sharon Rae-Powell

“Lara is a dedicated practitioner of Yoga. She is a warrior in the true sense of the word. The dignity and endurance she has shown on the mat is astounding.” –  Acharye Hema Venkatesha of the Atmavikasa Centre of Yogic Sciences

“Her perception, support and caring are so incredible…finding her was a huge blessing and I am more than enormously grateful for her presence in my life!!!” – Jocelyn

“Lara is such a wonderfully calm & compassionate person, who’s passion is absolutely infectious! I feel so physically, emotionally and spiritually recharged after each practice, ready to face the day with a open heart and mind, and eager to hit the mat again! I feel so lucky to be learning and laughing with the lovely Lara (accidental alliteration!)” -Nicole

“Although I am only a beginner in the journey of yoga and although perhaps not as diligent in self practice as I need to be, yoga has been very transformative for me, teaching me ways to calm my fears and worries, helping me to focus on positives and to mindfully live each day, and to receive the joy I find in living with gratitude. Thank you Lara my skilled teacher for helping me to learn what I need to know, pushing me when you know I can do more, being perceptive enough to know when things aren’t right with me, knowledgably healing my multitude of aches and pains, and inspiring me to know that inside me beats the heart of a warrior. I am grateful!” – Trish

“Lara is great at finding ways to make yoga accessible to everyone and is able to adapt poses to fit any situation. She brings a gentle and calming energy to her classes, sharing it with her students. Thanks to Lara I have been able to find a style of yoga that works for me; my practice has expanded my mind and enriched my life, while giving me strength and control over my body. She is an amazing teacher!!! :)” -Steven

“Lara is my friend from Mysore. We shared thoughts on our practice and love for Yoga. I can say only that I enjoyed very much talking to her: she has wisdom and strength! I believe she is truly dedicated teacher, as well. Sending you love from Belgrade!” – Ivana Grujic